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Friday, June 18, 2010

Choose Company That Offers More Than Just Affordable SEO

There are plenty of companies that offer SEO services to small and medium sized businesses. As with most buyers, businesses are on the lookout for unique cost savings services to benefit their online presence. They choose companies that offer more affordable SEO over those that offer the same service with a higher price.

As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO can be very tricky. It requires intensive knowledge about how search engines work and what people search for. For this reason, it can be sometimes costly. However, you can still get affordable SEO from among many competing companies in the industry.

As soon as you find out about the affordability of the SEO services, your next concern should be the effectiveness of the services. You should see how the affordable SEO company effectively boosts your site's traffic and ranking. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to your web site from search engines via "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. Typically, the earlier (or higher) your site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine. You need to ensure that you get such results from the affordable SEO company that you choose.

So how would you know that the company gives effective SEO services? You need to look at the following:

• Ethical practice. You need to know if the company is using ethical techniques in their affordable SEO services. This way, you can ensure that the result can last longer as opposed to having instant result that only lasts for a while due to your site being penalized for employing unethical SEO practices.

• Targets market niche for high traffic and sales. You should look at the online marketing strategy of the company. The affordable SEO firm should precisely target your customers to increase traffic to your website and eventually increase your revenue.

• Experience. You should deal with a company that has substantial experience and comprehensive knowledge in affordable SEO. Choose a trusted provider in the industry. As much as possible, the company that you deal with should be transparent and sincerely ensures that you get what you really want.

Before signing any contract, read a review or know the background of the company that offers affordable SEO. Don't just settle for the affordability of its service. Get the most value for your money by knowing the company you are dealing with and ensuring that you get the results that you need for your online business.

Content Writing Makes Higher Ranking In Search Engines

There are infinite SEO professionals all around but the count for exceptional content writers is very few. Websites earn revenues by selling authentic information to customers. Google and Yahoo are widely used by folks all over the world. A single appearance of one's link in these search engines would draw the attention of thousands of visitors.

Website content writing is an evolving new genre of profession, which has a wider and important role to play in the arena of Internet marketing. The profession is already playing an indispensable role over the Internet, and is a boon for online business marketers. It is done by content writers and such genres of content churners especially write for spiders and not for their own good. The main aim is to keep the crawlers satiated and going.

This is the soul purpose of content writing. You have to comprehend the basic fact that the content of your website will be read by different people from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds and therefore, it has to be unique and should shun difficult words, technical jargons, circumlocutions, euphemisms etc as far as possible for seizing the attention of the readers.

Keywords play a most important role particularly for superior rankings in the search engines and also to boost the traffic of the website. Specialized content writers realize the significance of keywords in the given content and will for that reason edge them in a web page or article.

A good article normally maintains utmost objectivity in tonality. An objective piece of writing will not be clouded by the writer's personal views. To give an example, the writer may well be a teetotaler, yet his article on different types of wines in the market will not express his dislike for wine in any way.

The best way to go about proofreading is to make sure that there is someone to proofread everything you publish to ensure that your site has professional, organized web content. Experts feel that all web content .

SEO is essentially a part of the online marketing strategies. The technique, when properly implemented by a professional link building services, would direct the traffic from search engines. Writing website content SEO is beneficial for your business. Here you can employ a few strategies while being careful about certain factors. In a scenario where numerous websites exist with the same theme, the content makes the site stand out from the rest.

Outside the world of the internet also creates opportunity for these services. Initially it may seem that article writing services are unnecessary, but if you work in the corporate world then you may need professional content writing services. The other side of the coin is if you are selling your writing services, you need clients.

There are many offering web site content writing services from India. One area in which the Internet has proven especially invaluable is in turning people's dreams into reality through various writing services available on the Web.

Content writing is getting its big wave in the call center industry. If the account caters to website development and marketing tools, writing articles about your website is an effective way of promoting your website in the Internet.

This enables existing employees in the field of IT itself to shift their career interests to technical writing. Thus, online texting is very dynamic field where industry analysis has shown this field to have an increased growth rate.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Day With New Wordpress Theme

Last three days ago, I was able to finish my last SEO contest in third position. Although it’s not an extra ordinary achievement, yet I can’t pretend that I’m so happy with that. Thus, during two days, I took a break just to give my brain freshness. For what? If there is no delay, there will be announced new SEO contest oganized by PJ forum again. And of course, I am still interested to take a part inside because the prize and the rules for the next competition are more interesting than the previous one which allowed anyone to use the targeted key phrase in the main domain name. According to its moderator, the next one won’t let this happen again.

Anyway, since it’s still a happy day for me, now I am trying to change my blog theme with new wordpress theme. Although it’s not a newest version, yet I love it so much considering that I have tried in my dummy blog for a couple of time. Beside, now my free blog is gone again, that’s why I prefer to use this Glossy them in this blog instead of ignore it at all. However, I don’t know whether it passes W3 school rules because a few moment ago, I edited to ensure that all pages are SEO friendly for search engine robots. Yet, that’s not the important one. I can still make any changing later on.

Well, this is still in trial use, if you found some errors here, please let me know it. For the last words, I hope you will also have a happy day with something like this new wordpress theme or whatever… Bye.. happy holiday and have a nice weekend.

MMA Pound For Pound SEO Contest!

Although I am not the first one who found this news, yet I think it’s still okay to publish MMA Pound For Pound SEO contest announcement in this blog. As I said yesterday, this was supposed to be announced in December 18, but in our time zone, it’s already 19. Well, it doesn’t matter whether it’s delayed or not. The most important thing is that this seo contest is already begun. To know the rules and any requirement for competition which probably to promote mixed martial arts pound for pound videos, game and news, please come to the promo junkie official forum or in their seo contest page. Otherwise, just read here, I will inform you as complete as I can both with the main faq.

* MMA Pound For Pound SEO Contest News:

The challenge has been started from today and will end up next March 18 (12.00 AM GMT+7)
* MMA Pound For Pound SEO Contest Rules
* No keyword domain allowed. Sub domain is no problem and the main domain that contains some part of the keywords seems that allowed. However, let’s wait for further explanation by the MMA Forum moderators.
* MMA Pound For Pound SEO Contest Prize

First winner will deserve $1000, then $300 for second place, and $200 for third. Yet it’s not fixed at all since I heard from some people who active in the forum talk that the amount can be bigger.
* MMA Pound For Pound SEO Contest Registration

To enter this great battle, you should be the PJ’s member first then you can register your blog or entry in the official form.

Well, I believe this simple news already cover any questionable thing from this SEO contest. Now, it’s all up to you whether to participate MMA pound for pound or not. Before I go, I just need to say that never hesitate to leave a feed back through the comment form below whenever you have something that not clear. Good luck!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Why Should You SEO?

As SEO enters the mainstream of business marketing strategies you would think that less time would have to be spent educating people on why SEO is so very important. But the fact of the matter is, many people still just don't understand SEO or the benefits it can bring. Worse, many companies haven't yet grasped the fact that SEO is crucial to long-term online success, especially for small companies without big brand names or budget.

Jake Matthews put together a great post at 10e20 obtaining why search engine optimization is crucial for small businesses. He discusses a handful of benefits that a good SEO can bring to any online business, small or large.

* Obtain Increased and Higher Quality Sales
Just as you begin to optimize your website, long tail search volumes will improve. Over the long term, with a lot of hard work, you can achieve significant positions on the major search engines leading to positive, bottom line results.
* Increased Search Engine Visibility
When a searcher finds you, they have INTENT. They pulled themselves right to you for a reason; they are looking for what you have.
* Brand Recognition
Strong niche oriented organic search results can lead to your brand being associated with that niche over time. Your brand awareness and brand recall strength will increase as time goes on.
* Enhanced Credibility and Legitimacy
Search Engine’s organic / natural results are viewed as authority referrals.
* Investment in your Domain Name
Your investment in SEO is an investment in the value of your domain name and your website as a whole.
* Competitive Edge and Research Advantage
Competitors who see you succeed and beat them out in major search, may in turn bow down to you and want to strike deal with you in any number of business negotiations. Or, you may one day say – hey, I have too much new business coming to me on the web, can you handle my overflow for me and I’ll take a cut????
* Ad Spend predictability and High Return on Investment (ROI)
Optimization has more predictable long term costs and ROI metrics as compared to other components of marketing strategies.
* Passive Business Development
Organic rankings help build traffic from other long-tail (more specific) terms and you site gains more and more momentum.

Expanding on each of these points in greater detail, Jake provides some outstanding reasons why all small businesses should be engaging in SEO. The overall benefit received is substantial, provided the person or company doing your SEO really knows their stuff. While many suggest that good SEO is expensive, like ignorance, not doing SEO properly can be even more expensive.

Outfox, Outsmart and Outgrow Your Big-Business Competition

I believe that one of the key things that keep small businesses small is that the owners maintain a small business mindset. For many, being small is just fine. They don't ever want to be anything more than a mom and pop operation. But others dream big and want to see big goal accomplished but continue to struggle to "make it big." They can't ever seem to get over that hump that propels them out of small-time territory.

If you don't want to be a mom and pop operation, or you want to be more than the small business you are, then it's time to start thinking not like the small business you are but like the bigger business you want to be.

The first place to start is with your online marketing campaigns.

With a few exceptions, online marketing has leveled the playing field significantly for the small business. However, as more companies make the move into online marketing the playing field is becoming slanted again. Bigger companies with larger budgets, better recognized name brands, and a larger team of people to manage multiple online marketing campaigns are gaining an advantage. It's becoming increasingly difficult for small businesses to make headway into competitive fields against this onslaught.

But that's not to say it can't be done. There are still plenty of opportunities for small businesses to succeed, even against well-financed competitors. But to do so it requires some clever thinking and swift moving; two things which big businesses are generally not too good at.

Think smarter than a big business

Online Marketing and SEO success is not always about achieving number one rankings. Over the years I've learned to quickly determine which of those businesses that come to us are serious about their success. Those who "want to be #1" are looking for a quick fix. Those that want to build visibility and improve conversions and sales are looking at the bigger picture. Rankings are a means to an end, not the end itself.

Are #1 rankings still possible? Sure. Are they wise? Depends on the phrase, the targeted traffic it draws, the conversion rates it achieves, and the amount of time and money it takes to get it there. There are a lot of great #1 rankings that can be achieved that will do wonders for your company, yet many business owners focus on getting #1 rankings for the keywords that don't give them a good return on their investment.

Even if you already own the top positions, so long as you have the small business mindset you're going to find yourself disappointed. You can only hang on to the tops spots so long with a budget of a few thousand a year, when some upstart comes along and throws tens of thousands of dollars a month at their online marketing campaigns. Enjoy the success while you can, but don't expect to hold onto that forever. Rankings change.

Success is always relative. A small business does not have to spend $10,000 per month in order to do well online. Most small businesses, even if they had such a budget, are not set up to handle the same kind of success as large businesses. You have to grow into that. But every small business owner investing in online marketing needs to keep their expectations in line with what can be done and what kind of success they can handle. Budget doesn't always make or break success, but it does play a role in it. The key is to find the areas where your budget will see the most return.

Organize time like a big business

As a small business owner, you need to determine how your own time is best spent. Do you have time to do it all yourself? Or is it time to think outside the small business box and hire someone to handle certain jobs that you don't need to be doing?

Most small businesses hire help as needed but when it comes to their online marketing they want to "save money" by doing it on their own. Why is the marketing any different from the other jobs you hire for? Would you try to do everything yourself? And if you did, would you be able to grow your business as you want? The answer is likely "no."

Part of thinking like a bigger business is being willing to not do everything yourself and put it in the hands of those who can really bring you the most success. Let skilled people do the jobs they are good at so you can focus on the job you're good at.

Move more swiftly than a big business

While the small business can't always hire everybody it wants for every job there is, they do have one advantage over the big business that can work in their favor. That advantage is adaptability. Big businesses often move too slow, but as a small business you have the luxury of being able to adapt and move fast.

You can have a big business mindset but take advantage of your small business position. Moving swiftly into new areas of marketing can reap huge rewards as you invest in areas your competition is overspending and underperforming, without having to go through layers of approval and red tape.

This is where outside consulting can come in handy. Having someone take a strategic look at your online marketing efforts and help you identify your own and your competitor's weaknesses can really open up your eyes to new opportunities. Of course, you then have to be willing to do what it takes to invest in those opportunities.

Small businesses have to stop letting the small business mindset keep them from performing big. You don't have to be a big business to win in the online marketing game, but you do need to get out of the mom and pop rut.

Be willing to take risks, but do so wisely and well-informed. And like big businesses, be willing to fail a little here and there if it teaches you how to succeed bigger later. You don't have to spend like a big business, but you won't go far so long as you keep thinking like a small business.

5 Worries That Can Kill Your SEO Campaign

Small businesses are often seen fumbling around in the dark when it comes to figuring out which SEO strategies really work and which don't. There is an onslaught of information freely available online, much of it contradictory or confusing. Small business owners who attempt to perform SEO for themselves don't often know which strategies are more important than others, which are worthwhile and which are worthless, or how do you tell the difference.

Slogging through SEO forums, blogs and article sites can provide a great deal of good information, but it can also leave the small business owner confused on what--or what not--to do.

Those that choose to hire an SEO provider can push some of their SEO decision-making burdens off onto someone else, but some then open the door to a whole new set of worries that can circumvent their online success, even with a successful SEO working for them.

Spending nights worrying about your SEO campaign can eat up a lot of energy that is better applied to other, more important matters. While every business owner needs to be fully aware of the progress being made by their SEO's efforts, they also need to trust that the SEO knows what is needed for them to succeed. For that to happen, here are a few things the business owner need to stop worry about. Failure to do so can kill an SEO campaign in its tracks.

1) Worrying about making page edits

Without changes there is no SEO. You can focus on link building, social media, ad campaigns, etc, which can bring you limited success on their own. However, if you want your site really perform for your targeted keyword phrases, you have to be willing to make keyword focused and other architectural edits.

All too often site owners don't want to make necessary changes to their site's because they are afraid of losing customer focus. This is a legitimate concern but also one that is often misplaced. Site improvements designed for search engines often align with site improvements for your visitors. If searchers are using specific phrases in their search, it makes sense that your visitors will be served seeing those very same specific phrases on your site.

Don't be afraid of making changes to your site. The goal of any good SEO is not to just improve your search engine rankings, but help you increase your business.

2) Worrying about shifting rankings

It's a simple fact of life that search engine rankings change. New sites are always going online, old sites are disappearing, new information is added to the web, and new competition with fresh marketing dollars emerges. Add to that the fact that search engines are always tweaking and adjusting their algorithms and you've got a search engine ranking roller coaster.

That doesn't mean that you ignore keyword rankings completely, but if you're compelled to monitor your rankings, don't do it on a day to day basis. Most search engine ranking changes are insignificant and just part of the normal fluctuations that occur.

What you do need to be concerned about is overall trends. If you do start seeing a month to month trend of a loss in rankings dropping that's when you need to start looking at things more closely. Don't sweat the small stuff, but instead look at the bigger picture.

Another problem worrying about small shifts in rankings is people often get concerned about the wrong keywords and the wrong engines. Google drives the most traffic, but isn't always the best at converting. Improvements in other engines that may convert better may be worth a sacrifice of lower rankings in Google. Again, it's about the big picture.

3) Worrying about trying new things

Good optimization and marketing isn't a linear process. Every site is different as are the site's needs. Many changes recommended will be standard fare while some will seemingly come way out of left field. Give all proper consideration, and don't be afraid about doing something different.

One thing to keep in mind is that success comes through trial and trial produces error and failures. We've all heard the story that when Thomas Jefferson failed thousands of times for every success he ever made. Hopefully you won't have to fail that often in your website marketing, but be prepared for some things not to work.

Fear of failure is not a reason not to try. We tell the same to our kids and we need to take that to heart in our businesses. Step out, and be willing to try something new.

4) Worrying about making large-scale changes

Before a site can be optimized for your targeted keywords, it needs to be optimized for search engines. I call this having a "search engine friendly" website. A lot of sites are build by developers that don't know much about SEO beyond meta tags. The sites they build may look good but won't perform well in the search engines because the site architecture isn't search engine friendly.

The last thing you want to do is to pay a lot of money on an expensive optimization campaign if your site isn't in a position to be optimized. That's just putting SEO frosting on a website dung pile. Big changes need to be made before you can really start focusing on the actual on-page keyword targeting. In many cases you have to be willing to burn the site to the ground. Other times it's less severe but many structural changes will need to be made before any SEO can be effective.

Failure to make these big changes will ultimately result in poor performance of any optimization campaign you implement. Don't be afraid to make the big changes necessary for your small SEO changes to succeed.

5) Worrying about investing in long-term SEO

SEO is a long-term investment, not a one-time expense. The changes you need to make to optimize your site will cost you both time and money.

All too often businesses looking for an immediate boost turn to SEO as if it's some sort of magic bus ride to the top of the search engine rankings. They don't want to spend much money but they have very high expectations. Unfortunately, SEO isn't like building a fence. There is much more to it than having a bit of knowledge and a few tools to work with.

Those who are afraid to spend what it takes for their SEO campaign to succeed rarely ever do succeed. They limp along with sites that under perform and ultimately cost more to market than if the money was spent sooner to make the changes requires.

Worry tend to cause bad decisions. When we worry, we tend to make decisions based on how we feel at the moment rather than basing our decisions on facts and evidence. When you turn your SEO campaign over to another person, or even do it yourself, there is enough to worry about without adding to it.

As business owners you have enough on your plate. Make wise SEO decisions but leave the worries over superficial matters behind. By focusing on the wrong things you can sink your SEO campaign before it even has a chance to get off the ground.

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